Now Online: Baked’s Fall 2014 Issue

Passing plates and sharing laughter, trading stories and smiles: there’s no place to come together quite like the dinner table. It’s around the table that we dish out our traditions and memories, our recipes and experiences. It’s where we find the histories of other people, and it’s where we can relate with them.

Food has the unique power to connect us not just to the people we share a meal with, but also to the places that a meal comes from. Many of us don’t often consider where our food originates. Somewhere along the way, we’ve lost that connection.

This fall at Baked, we want you to venture off campus and connect with local food off the Hill. Think of the small businesses that bring artisanal products to our kitchens (pg. 29), mom-and-pop restaurants that become fixtures in our community (pg. 19), and the startups that move locally-grown crops from farms to our forks (pg. 26). And throughout, there are hands that made them and faces behind them. There are stories that they each share, like the ones we trade at the dinner table.

Let’s rekindle our connections close to home—and let’s celebrate them.

Enjoy the food high,

Teresa & Gabriela
Co-Editors-In-Chief at Baked

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