Homemade Quinoa Oatmeal

Qunioa, or “kin-oh-ah” as most people say, is making its way to the top of the superfoods list—move aside kale, there’s a new HBIC. I honestly don’t understand how this nutritious packed seed didn’t create a buzz sooner. Consisting of all nine amino acids making it a full protein, quinoa is usually considered the ideal carb substitute. It cooks like rice, having similar consistency and also has … Continue reading Homemade Quinoa Oatmeal

Now Online: Baked’s Fall 2014 Issue

Passing plates and sharing laughter, trading stories and smiles: there’s no place to come together quite like the dinner table. It’s around the table that we dish out our traditions and memories, our recipes and experiences. It’s where we find the histories of other people, and it’s where we can relate with them. Food has the unique power to connect us not just to the … Continue reading Now Online: Baked’s Fall 2014 Issue

Berried Treasure: The Health Benefits of Goji Berries

So what if we told you a fruit could make you live longer? That’s what the folktale of Li Qing Yuen tells us. The man ate goji berries everyday and lived to be over 256 years old. Though we may not be completely sold on that story, there are still plenty of health benefits to this Chinese medicinal fruit. The newly popular superfood packs the punch … Continue reading Berried Treasure: The Health Benefits of Goji Berries