Microwaveable Breakfast Mug Meals

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but between late night studying and early morning classes, most of us skip it altogether. Mug desserts have been trending for a while, but breakfast mugs are even better – they are quick, easy, and efficient. All you have to do is mix your ingredients, pop the mug in the microwave, and go! Just … Continue reading Microwaveable Breakfast Mug Meals

McDonald’s Announces All Day Breakfast Nationwide

When was the last time you visited a McDonald’s? Chances are, you’ve probably visited Chipotle more often than you’ve been to a McDonald’s (unless you’ve got the hookup). As you, like many other college students, continue to stray further away from its processed cheeseburgers and that cashier who always gets your order wrong, McDonald’s is making one last plea to get us back. Starting on … Continue reading McDonald’s Announces All Day Breakfast Nationwide

Homemade Quinoa Oatmeal

Qunioa, or “kin-oh-ah” as most people say, is making its way to the top of the superfoods list—move aside kale, there’s a new HBIC. I honestly don’t understand how this nutritious packed seed didn’t create a buzz sooner. Consisting of all nine amino acids making it a full protein, quinoa is usually considered the ideal carb substitute. It cooks like rice, having similar consistency and also has … Continue reading Homemade Quinoa Oatmeal