Farmshed Harvest Food Hub

Neil Miller, an early American history professor, has shifted his focus from coursework to agriculture, devoting himself to a passion project grounded in the soil: Farmshed Harvest Food Hub.

Now Online: Baked’s Fall 2014 Issue

Passing plates and sharing laughter, trading stories and smiles: there’s no place to come together quite like the dinner table. It’s around the table that we dish out our traditions and memories, our recipes and experiences. It’s where we find the histories of other people, and it’s where we can relate with them. Food has…

Where To Eat Syracuse’s Best Comfort Food

Here’s a quick anecdote: Last Friday night, as I was snuggled under a blanket, I looked out my window and was startled when I realized that I was looking at snowflakes—yes, snowflakes. (Editor’s note: This post was written before the actual influx of snow we experienced this weekend). The initial shock of those first few…

4 Coffee Shops That Aren’t Starbucks

Whether you’re looking for a caffeine boost or a spot to study, the Syracuse area has a variety of coffee shops that provide great alternatives to Starbuck’s infamously long line.

Samrat Buffet: Indian On A College Budget

Up the stairs in the building across from CVS is the wonderful Samrat Indian Restaurant. By word of mouth, I had heard about the tastiness of the rich, ethnic dishes and the affordable prices.

Eat Local At Monthly Winter Farmers Market

This past Saturday marked the opening of the Winter Farmers Market at the Baltimore Woods Nature Center. At the market guests can enjoy local and artisanal food products from regional producers.

Dispatches From Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

It’s a Syracuse stalwart, a local legend, a beacon for barbecue buffs through the country: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, the master of smoking and glazing. It’s packed every hour of the day, for good reason, and usually my first pick for a comfort meal. But for those who live outside of CNY, Dino’s revered status can be…

Where And What To Eat Post-Hangover

Age-old collegiate wisdom tells us to go for the greasiest food to cure our hangovers. Leftover pizza and the remnants of whatever we ordered last night are among the most common options. Though a greasy breakfast may be what you want, the most important thing is consuming food that supplies you with the nutrients alcohol has…

Byblos To Open New Location In Armory Square

As if one wasn’t enough, Byblos Mediterranean Café is planning to open a second location in Armory Square later this month. The new addition will be located at 316 South Clinton St., the former location of The Black Olive, and will be called Byblos Bar & Grill. Owner Fady Khabbaz hopes it will come to be known…