the ultimate food high

Baked Takes EarthFest!

Good vibes. Good Food. Good Earth.

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Five Tasty Ways to Chill Out Before Finals

Scream for ice cream instead of Finals.

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Why Ranch is the Most Universal Dressing of All Time

In honor of the dressing we put on EVERYTHING.

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The Complete Pairings for Wine and Weed Wednesday

Get high and unlock the sommelier within.

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Pot Brownies for the Cannabis Connoisseur

Get high, bake, get high again.

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Food that is (Supposedly) Really Good High and Only Mediocre Sober

Let your munchies controlled mind lead you to new horizons

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4 Cocktails To Celebrate Syracuse Making the Final Four

Although we are out of the tournament. Let’s celebrate how far we have come! Go Cuse!

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Top Places to Brunch in ‘Cuse Post March Madness Loss

Tough loss? Rough morning? Recover with these awesome brunch options in good ole ‘Cuse.

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This Netflix Documentary Should Be Your Next Binge

Bored during Spring Break? Check out this documentary. Its enticing enough to be your next binge.

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Last Minute Spring Break Diet Tips

Here’s a last minute spring cleaning of your diet to get your ideal spring break body!

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