Five new ways to switch up your oatmeal

Brown sugar and Honey need a break, time to transform that daily bowl of oats with these recipes. By Veronique Wojcik Oatmeal is a great, quick go-to for college students with all the simple carbs to help you get through the morning. But even so, having the same thing everyday can get a little boring. If you find you’ve lost interest in this easy breakfast, … Continue reading Five new ways to switch up your oatmeal

The true power of baking

When thinking of baking, your mind usually travels to the creation of delicious treats and entrancing smells, but I have come to realize the most valuable thing it produces is the irreplaceable feeling of familial love.   By Lily McDonald For as long as I can remember, every meal my family had was made by my mom. She would spend hours in the kitchen preparing the … Continue reading The true power of baking

Syracuse’s vegan seasonal menu

Your favorite local vegan finds By Maddie Rhodes Tis’ the season of crunchy leaves and everything pumpkin. While you’re adding all things fall to your October appetite, don’t forget these seasonal vegan meals to your menu. The A.B.C. Burger at Strong Hearts $15 Strong Hearts’ seasonal menu never fails! They recently started serving the A.B.C. Burger which has a beyond burger, apples, tempeh as bacon, … Continue reading Syracuse’s vegan seasonal menu

How to holiday edition: Matzah granola

By Sonya Lehat Passover; the week-long holy Jewish holiday commemorating the enslaving, and eventual liberation, of the Jews in Egypt. In short, the Jewish people did have enough time for their yeast to rise in order to make bread while they were being exiled by the Egyptians. So, they took whatever they had in limited time, unrisen yeast – also known as Matzah, or Matzot … Continue reading How to holiday edition: Matzah granola

Butter Board: TikTok’s next big thing

By Maddie Roberts If you are on any side of food TikTok, I am sure you have seen a butter board. TikTok creator Justine Dorion (@Justine_Snacks), who made the butter board trend viral, claims that butter boards are the new charcuterie board. While that is a very bold assertion to make on “FoodTok,” #butterboard has reached almost 5,000 posts on Instagram in the past few … Continue reading Butter Board: TikTok’s next big thing