#MyFoodHigh: The Roundup

Want us to feature your foodstagram? Use the hashtag #MyFoodHigh in your posts or tag us @bakedmagazine!

Happiness is homemade. Photo: @kelsey_lola.

Because 2 cupcakes is better than 1 😍 All natural red velvet from @picassospastries ❤️

A post shared by georgia 🍑 (@inspiredspoons) on

Red velvet is bae. Photo: @inspiredspoons.

Am I NYC now? #brunch #Brooklyn #myfoodhigh #eeeeeats🍹🍳🗽

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Brunch without booze is just a sad, late breakfast. Photo: @katelofblad.

The most delicious (and healthy) start to the day! Photo: @poolsofpudding7.

Magic words: “Let’s order sushi and study.” Photo: @orangeyoustarving.


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