5 More Awesome Vegan Dishes at SU Dining Halls

If you’ve ventured outside of your comfort zone since our last post, “The 5 Best Vegan Dishes At SU Dining Halls,” props to you. Vegan food contains no cholesterol (since cholesterol comes from animal products) and is usually a lot healthier for you than the average greasy dining hall meal—minus the copious amounts of French fries. Next time you’re struggling to find something decent on campus, go vegan. Here are a few more dining hall dishes that make my heart sing.


1. Spaghetti With Marinara Sauce

Is there anything better than pasta? Although the dining hall’s isn’t restaurant-quality, it’s easy to spice up this college staple with garlic powder, oregano, and red pepper flakes. This dish is good-to-go for vegans, and not to mention, it’s literally always available.

Bagel sammy copy

2. Bagel Sandwich

When the going gets tough and you’ve run out of options, utilize the vegan condiment section and create a filling, delicious bagel sandwich that’s perfect to carry on the go. Guac, hummus, arugula, and tomatoes are a personal favorite combination. Get creative!


3. French Fries

I’m not saying that French fries is a meal, but I’m also not saying I haven’t eaten only these for lunch on a couple of occasions. Regular fries, seasoned fries, and potato wedges are all vegan, and are probably the most consistently enjoyable dishes the dining halls have to offer.

Wild rice copy

4. Wild Rice

This dish is low-key awesome, and you can’t even taste the vegetables. It has the perfect amount of flavor, texture, and hidden nutritional goodness. Rice is extra filling, but I never let this fact stop me from getting seconds (and thirds).

Vegan brownie

5. Vegan Brownies

Although these have a tendency to look like moon rocks, some non-vegans have called these the best brownies ever. Their wonderful goodness is disguised by a layer of cocoa powder for some unknown reason, but underneath is a melty, chocolatey, dairy-free confection.


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