9 Snacks You Never Knew Were Gluten-Free

There’s a long-standing debate over whether gluten-free people eat healthier than non-gluten-free people. This list proves that it’s 100% possible to munch on some of the best snacks out there and be unhealthy as hell while maintaining a gluten-free diet. Bon appétit! 1. Starburst Now, you’ll never have to fight the urge to buy these unexplainably juicy chews while standing near a cash register. 2. Skippy Peanut … Continue reading 9 Snacks You Never Knew Were Gluten-Free

Organic 101: The Truth Behind Food Labels

Last week, Baked wrote about different food labels that aren’t always self explanatory or transparent. This week we bring you the meaning behind specifically organic and natural food labels. Questions you may have: What does a “natural” label mean? What about “grass fed,” or “local”? This week, Baked will decode 5 common organic labels so you can master the art of understanding what you’re buying at the grocery … Continue reading Organic 101: The Truth Behind Food Labels

5 Food Labels You MUST Know

Ever been confused by the labels you see on food at the grocery store? Well, everyone else is confused, too. It turns out labels like “organic,” “whole wheat,” “free-range,” and “fat-free” might not mean what’s implied. Read on to discover which food labels are actually telling the truth, and which ones you should stay away from. 1. Sugar-Free Sugar-free products don’t actually contain real sugar, but sugar alcohols, which … Continue reading 5 Food Labels You MUST Know

Chocolate Peanut Butter Crescent Rolls

Nothing on this planet is easier to make than crescent rolls. You just pop the can, roll them out, and bake. Crescent rolls have a variety of uses in pigs in a blanket recipes, at dinner parties when the host forgets to buy bread, and other faux-fancy events, but there is no better way to prepare a crescent roll than by slathering it in peanut … Continue reading Chocolate Peanut Butter Crescent Rolls

Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes

If you’re going home for spring break, invade your parents’ kitchen and make these super cute vanilla cupcakes for your fam. As if you need another reason to eat cupcakes, these are fluffy, light, and delicious. This recipe makes 12 cupcakes that are perfect for any occasion, including lounging on the couch all week. Ingredients: For the cupcakes: 1 ¼ cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon … Continue reading Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes

Roji Tea: A Taste Of Heaven & Zen

If you’re looking for a place with insanely good tea, quality food, or a quiet spot to study, Roji Tea Lounge should be on your radar. Complete with comfy couches and dim lighting, Roji is the perfect spot for a weekday date, or just to curl up with a book. The lounge is mostly known for its enormous selection of tea, which includes iced tea, bubble tea, … Continue reading Roji Tea: A Taste Of Heaven & Zen