Video: How to Make Apple Crescent Rolls

Still at a loss with what to do with all your leftover apples from apple picking at Beak and Skiff a couple weeks ago?  Well, your friends at Baked Magazine have just the recipe for you.

The York, New Upscale Lounge in Armory Square

We sat down with Chef John D’Amore of Armory Square’s newest restaurant, The York.

Hot Dogs For Health Nuts

Think of biting into a warm bun that perfectly hugs a hot dog. Then think of the horror stories: what goes into them; how they are made, packaged without artificial coloring and minimal amounts of plastic. We have a solution.

5 More Awesome Vegan Dishes at SU Dining Halls

Vegan food contains no cholesterol and is usually a lot healthier for you than the average greasy dining hall meal. Next time you’re struggling to find something decent on campus, go vegan.

The 5 Best Vegan Dishes At SU Dining Halls

Ever wondered what “Mac ‘n Cheeseless” tastes like? Too nervous to try stir-fry without chicken? Each dining hall has unique vegan and vegetarian options for those days when beef stew doesn’t look too appetizing, and there’s a good reason to try them. Vegan diets can actually conserve water because the production of meat requires more…