#PayWithLovin: McDonald’s Trades Meals for Hugs

McDonald’s just gave “I’m Lovin’ it” a whole new meaning. During Super Bowl XLIX, the fast-food chain released a commercial where people paid for their orders not with money, but with love.

Yes, you heard it! The fast food chain will start accepting expressions of affection as a form of payment instead of cash as a part of its “Pay With Lovin’” campaign. It starts on Feb. 3 and goes all the way to Valentine’s Day.

Here’s what some Mickey D’s fans have to say:

Love: that’s what’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

But hold up—before you start grabbing your wallets and searching Google Maps for the nearest McDonald’s, listen to this. The official rules stated by McDonald’s say that:

“…Each participating McDonald’s restaurant will determine unofficial winners based upon random predetermined times…”

So it’s at random, like random acts of kindness. These forms of affection include a hug, kiss, or just telling someone you love them. Who knows, maybe other institutions will follow suit? There are so many possibilities out there for this to expand on a greater scale.

Soon maybe I’ll be able to pay my tuition in random acts of kindness. If not, how about selfies?


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