The rise of matcha

Is Matcha the college students’ new coffee?

By Olivia Stockmeyer

Throughout childhood, we’re often told that we will grow up to like caffeine. This remains true for many students who rely on caffeine. But according to recent social media trends, college students are seeing a rise in Matcha and a decline in coffee consumption. Matcha’s popularity has recently increased with support from public figures such as Emma Chamberlain and Serena Williams. With its unprecedented health benefits, green color, and undeniable taste, what’s not to love?

Matcha is a green tea that originated in Japan. Its powdery texture is made from a certain ground tea leaf. This powder gets whisked together with water to create the matcha used in popular drinks. Similarly, to most green teas, the leaves are soaked in the water and then discarded. This gives Matcha its substantial thickness and flavor, which is valued worldwide.

Matcha in its original powder form.

According to Matchaful, Matcha developed during the Tang Dynasty in China. A Buddhist Monk named Eisai brought and introduced this method of preparing green tea to Japan. From there, he planted the seeds, and the creation was born. The tea gained popularity because it was used in Japanese tea ceremonies. At the ceremonies, it was traditionally served with wagashi, which is a confectionary sweet. 

With the option to enjoy both coffee and matcha, students can experiment with all forms of caffeine. However, matcha is normally seen as the healthier alternative of the two. Healthline states that tea comes with a lot of health benefits. Some benefits include liver protection, promotion of heart health, rich in antioxidants, and boosts weight loss. Which may be the answer to why many students are saying no coffee and yes to matcha. 

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