The rise of matcha

Is Matcha the college students’ new coffee? By Olivia Stockmeyer Throughout childhood, we’re often told that we will grow up to like caffeine. This remains true for many students who rely on caffeine. But according to recent social media trends, college students are seeing a rise in Matcha and a decline in coffee consumption. Matcha’s popularity has recently increased with support from public figures such … Continue reading The rise of matcha

The Truth About Kombucha…and What is Matcha?

Healthy food trends fade in and out of style faster than Instagram can keep up with. Think avocados, kale, smoothie bowls sprinkled with chia seeds, and pressed juices. They’ve all had their 15 minutes of fame with health food nuts fanatically pimping them out all over the Internet. Two newcomers have started making waves in this world of hip healthy foods: kombucha and matcha. Both … Continue reading The Truth About Kombucha…and What is Matcha?