The rise of matcha

Is Matcha the college students’ new coffee? By Olivia Stockmeyer Throughout childhood, we’re often told that we will grow up to like caffeine. This remains true for many students who rely on caffeine. But according to recent social media trends, college students are seeing a rise in Matcha and a decline in coffee consumption. Matcha’s popularity has recently increased with support from public figures such … Continue reading The rise of matcha

Swifties, It is time to try the “Midnights” coffee flight!

Expand your coffee palate with “Midnights” inspired lattes! By: Maddie Roberts Popstar Taylor Swift wrote the lyrics “…coffee at midnight…” in her song, “You are In Love,” and now, the Flamingos Coffee Bar is taking that idea to the next level. Located in Hampton, New Hampshire, Flamingos Coffee Bar recently released a four-drink coffee flight inspired by the artist’s tenth studio album, “Midnights”, which dropped … Continue reading Swifties, It is time to try the “Midnights” coffee flight!

No more Marshall Street Starbucks, now what?

Here are the best bang-for-your-buck coffees and creamers sold in supermarkets for students to get their caffeine fix By Erin Fell When news broke this summer that the Starbucks on the corner of Marshall Street and University Avenue closed, we think us Syracuse University students all lost a part of ourselves. We will never forget configuring our routes to class to make sure we had … Continue reading No more Marshall Street Starbucks, now what?