The rise of matcha

Is Matcha the college students’ new coffee? By Olivia Stockmeyer Throughout childhood, we’re often told that we will grow up to like caffeine. This remains true for many students who rely on caffeine. But according to recent social media trends, college students are seeing a rise in Matcha and a decline in coffee consumption. Matcha’s popularity has recently increased with support from public figures such … Continue reading The rise of matcha

Try The Cake Bar’s unique boba flight at Salt City Market

Calling all boba lovers! Run, don’t walk to the Cake Bar. By Andie Vigliotti Over the past few years, arguably no drink has gained more popularity among Gen Z than boba tea, also commonly known as bubble tea. The versatile drink originated in Taiwan in the 1980’s and spread to the West Coast of the U.S. due to the large Taiwanese population that settled there. … Continue reading Try The Cake Bar’s unique boba flight at Salt City Market

Roji Tea: A Taste Of Heaven & Zen

If you’re looking for a place with insanely good tea, quality food, or a quiet spot to study, Roji Tea Lounge should be on your radar. Complete with comfy couches and dim lighting, Roji is the perfect spot for a weekday date, or just to curl up with a book. The lounge is mostly known for its enormous selection of tea, which includes iced tea, bubble tea, … Continue reading Roji Tea: A Taste Of Heaven & Zen