7 Foods You HAVE to Eat While Watching the Gilmore Girls Revival

-Tess Greenberg

The Gilmore Girls are known for being able to consume an amazing amount of junk food, take out meals, and breakfasts at Luke’s Diner. The revival has been a long time coming and it must be celebrated with these Gilmore favorites!

  1. Pop Tarts


Pop Tarts were always fully stocked in the Gilmore household.

  1. Candy Sushi


Raw fish was definitely not their style… Try it out for yourself here!

3. Pizza


It was said many times that Lorelai was a expert orderer and pizza was often on the menu!

4. Chinese Food


The girls were always ordering way too much sesame chicken for just the two of them

5. Ice Cream

There was definitely tons of ice cream to get through all of those breakups!

6. Pie


On many occasions, pie was taken out of Luke’s diner and eaten at late hours of the night.

7. Lots and Lots of Coffee


And of course, they wouldn’t be the Gilmore Girls without their coffee! Pretty sure coffee runs through their veins.

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