the ultimate food high

6 Local Gifts for the Ultimate Foodie

No need to stress over what you’ll be wrapping up this year. We’ve found this season’s best buys for any food lover—and they all come from local artists, writers, and shops.

1. Brunch: A History, Farha Ternikar ($30.60)brunchbook

From: Syracuse, NY
The author’s background: A sociologist of food, culture and gender, Ternikar is an associate professor at Le Moyne College.
Best to buy at:

2. Westcott Blend, Recess Coffee ($15)recesscoffee_1

From: Syracuse, NY
The mission: Sustainable coffee, fair trade.
Best to buy at:

3. Flour Sack Towel ($12); 4. Napkins, Planetarium ($35)napkins_2

From: Elmira, NY
Where the company was born: Started by a textile designer and a product designer, the two both attended SHENKAR College of Engineering and Design in Israel.
Best to buy at:

5. Teapot ($110)teapot; 6. Mug, Jen Gandee Ceramics ($32)

From: Fabius, NY
More on the maker: While working on her ceramics, Jen opened the Gandee Gallery in 2009 to showcase other regionally and nationally recognized artists.
Best to buy at:

7. 8”x10” Coffee Wall Print, Katie Vaz Design ($15)cards_1; 8. 5”x7” Greeting Cards, Katie Vaz Design ($4 each)

From: Candor, NY
How they’re made: Prints are hand-lettered with black ink, illustrated, then digitized.
Best to buy at:                               

9. Sugar & Creamer Set, Eureka Crafts ($140)creameranddish-Recovered

From: Syracuse, NY
The business’s history: Known for its plaster-and-stone mosaic exterior, Eureka has been selling American crafts in downtown Syracuse since 1983.
Best to buy at:

This story was originally featured in Baked’s Fall 2014 issue. To read more, click here.


About Baked Magazine

Baked is Syracuse University’s student-run food magazine. Founded in 2011, Baked aims to widen food options for SU students by introducing kitchen amateurs to cooking, highlighting local businesses and eateries, and connecting readers to the greater Syracuse food community. It publishes one issue each semester.

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