How to Bring Oktoberfest to ‘Cuse

With the end of September comes a gentle reminder that we live in a frozen tundra. But more importantly, the most glorious, globally renowned festival of beer comes around this time of year: Oktoberfest. The festival originated in Munich, Germany, on October 12th, 1810, to celebrate the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig. Since then the celebration has only become bigger, better, and a little bit crazier. You may … Continue reading How to Bring Oktoberfest to ‘Cuse

5 Ways To Use Your Extra Candy Canes

‘Tis the season for minty, sugar-loaded candy canes. Each December they creep into your life until you’re candy cane-d out. Professors hand them out on the last day of class, your friends attach them to gifts, and your family buys way too many to scatter around the house during the holidays. It seems like they don’t completely disappear until March. But have no fear—if you have … Continue reading 5 Ways To Use Your Extra Candy Canes