Turkey-themed Thanksgiving treats

While turkey might be the main attraction at the dinner table during Thanksgiving, every celebration needs delicious appetizers to get us started! By Lily McDonald With Thanksgiving coming up fast, here at Baked we are all ready to prepare you for a successful event filled with scrumptious food. Whether you are hosting or a guest on the big day, these delectable appetizers will have everyone … Continue reading Turkey-themed Thanksgiving treats

Thinking outside the box this Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving seems to follow the same dull dessert theme of pies. If you’re all pied out this year, check out this selection of fresh and festive desserts. By Erin Fell Growing up as a picky eater, the selection of only pies at Thanksgiving never appealed to me. As dessert fanatics here at Baked, we feel there needs to be a more diverse selection of … Continue reading Thinking outside the box this Thanksgiving

How to holiday edition: Matzah granola

By Sonya Lehat Passover; the week-long holy Jewish holiday commemorating the enslaving, and eventual liberation, of the Jews in Egypt. In short, the Jewish people did have enough time for their yeast to rise in order to make bread while they were being exiled by the Egyptians. So, they took whatever they had in limited time, unrisen yeast – also known as Matzah, or Matzot … Continue reading How to holiday edition: Matzah granola