Throw The Best Halloween Party

Alcohol and a barely-there costume aren’t the only ingredients for a perfect Halloween party. Read on for our tips and tricks—and, you guessed it, treats. Cobwebs, Pumpkins, and Skulls, Oh My! Whether you’re going for cute or all-out spooky, the decorations take importance over everything else. It’s important to set the mood at the door and what better way than with great décor? Get festive with … Continue reading Throw The Best Halloween Party

5 Bars You Can’t Miss On The Hill

Nightlife on the Hill is always buzzing. With five popular bars to choose from, students at Syracuse University are no strangers to bar hopping. Rowdy crowds rally for deals and specials offered every night of the week on Marshall Street. If you aren’t familiar with the ins-and-outs of SU’s on-campus bars, use our guide to decide where to go after a long day’s work. The Orange (formerly known as … Continue reading 5 Bars You Can’t Miss On The Hill