Left Wing or Right Wing? Dino BBQ Doesn’t Care.

-Chazz Inniss

Here at Baked Magazine, we don’t care who you vote for as long as you’re expressing your right as an American to vote.  Apparently, neither does Dinosaur BBQ.  On Election Day, they are running an all-day special promotion to not only get out the vote but to give you wings!

The wing flavors are split between “Left” wing and “Right” wing and range in heat and intensity of rhetoric.  The  “Left” wings  flavors are mild, moderate and nasty. For “Right” wingers its mild, moderate and deplorable.

(Source: Dinosaur BBQ)

But, if you’re undecided or just don’t give a damn, than you can opt for the combo, otherwise known as the”F*ckit Buckit.”  The combo bucket will cost you about $13.95, so  nothing compared to how dumb you’ll feel if you don’t vote.

If you elect to participate, this is at least one vote you can legally take a picture of. So snap away, but be sure to use their hashtag, #allinthesamebucket.

So opt in, eat your party affiliation or just in the words of Dino, fuck it.

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