5 Ways to Make Your Halloween Party Spread More Spooky

By Isabella Wildermuth

So you’re planning a Halloween party? Don’t settle for the same boring orange cookies from the grocery store you always get. This year take it to the next level and serve some seemingly creepy, but totally delicious recipes.

Instead of drab, plain cupcakes, freak out your guests with these nausea-inducing blood drip cupcakes.


Talk about finger food! Replace basic cookies with these frighteningly delicious witch fingers. This recipe even includes peanut finger nails that definitely need a trip to the salon…


Bored of classic apple cider? Add another dimension of flavor with shrunken head cider. I’d bet your friends wouldn’t want to bob for these apple heads!


We all know that baked brie cheese is absolutely delicious, especially when it’s wrapped in puff pastry. Take your decoration skills to the next level by using the pastry to make a terrifyingly tasty mummy.


Pizza is the star of every party, you can’t deny that everyone loves it. However, plain pizza on Halloween= BORING. Make your ‘za 3-dimensional and spooky with these stuffed pizza skulls.


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