5 Tasty Recipes to Help You Clean Up The Mess You Were on Halloween

-Chloe Citron

After eating insane amounts of candy (and drinking lots of, um, punch) we can all agree that a cleanse is much needed after Halloween. In order to still actually enjoy what you are eating while still cleansing your body, try these low-carb/carb-free recipes!

1) Chicken and Tomato Spaghetti Squash

(Source: Buzzfeed)

For a very healthy substitute to traditional pasta, make your own spaghetti squash with yummy fillings like fresh tomatoes and marinated chicken. Check out this recipe here.

2) Baked Fruit & Veggie Chips

(Source: Frugal Living Mom)

Try making these veggie chips that are honestly just as delicious as regular chips. Try the zucchini chips for a delicious crunch or the apple chips for a sweet punch.

3) Cauliflower Fried Rice

(Source: Simply Sissom)

Dying for Chinese food, but feeling guilty about the carbs?  Try making cauliflower fried rice. I promise you won’t even know the difference. Want more options?  Check this video out for 4 more ways to make this.

4) Strawberry Banana “Ice Cream”

(Source: Food Blogs)

Don’t run to the market and buy Ben & Jerry’s just yet. Skip the excess calories and make this strawberry banana frozen yogurt instead, it’s just as delicious and with half the calories your body will thank you.

5) Sweet Potato Black Bean Hash

(Source: Buzzfeed)

Satisfy your cravings with this healthy and delicious sweet potato black bean hash. After eating this, you will have energy to keep you focused throughout the day.

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