NY Vibes. Cali Fresh.

-Coley Pollak

As a college student living away from home, it’s hard to watch what I eat all the time. I no longer have the comfort of home cooked meals or my mom telling me to stop eating junk. Delicious foods that may not be the most nutritious seem to always in be in arm’s reach. Original Grain, a new and healthy option found on Salina, may be able to help you defeat temptation.

Original Grain has been open for less than a month and is already killing it. As soon as you walk through the door, you see their slogan, “Cali vibes, NY fresh,” come to life. The restaurant is decorated with milk carts, broken skateboards on the walls, wooden tables and yellow stools to fill the room. In the middle of the restaurant, lights are hanging from nautical rope intertwined with leaves. 

(Source: Coley Pollak)

Located on 302 S Salina St., Original Grain offers a wide assortment of drinks. You can find options such as Kombucha, Bai and fruit teas right above their custom labeled water bottles. Aside from their bottled drinks, they offer incredibly fresh smoothies. From their list of five, there are options like the Pretty in Pink Strawberry Banana,  Focus, which has pineapple,  mango, and kale,  and the Immune Boost, which contains mango, pineapple, and sweet potato. I chose the Antioxidant Boost, with açaí, sweet blueberries, blackberries, and creamy coconut milk. 

In search of their toast options, I opted for the “Egg Man.” At just $7, this photogenic concoction is a slice of thick multigrain toast topped with smashed avocado, slices of prosciutto, soft-boiled egg, chia seeds, pea shoots, and a refreshing ponzu dressing.  If you are ever looking for an artsy Instagram picture, order the “Egg Man” toast, post a picture of this marvelous creation, and await your flood of likes and comments.

Next on the list was the “Brekky Bowl.” Upon coming to Original Grain, I had heard fantastic things about their “Stay Puffed” bowl, so I thought I’d give it a try. “Stay Puffed” was everything I had ever hoped for in a smoothie bowl. The base contained cacao, creamy peanut butter, banana, coconut milk, coconut oil, and yogurt. It is was then topped with crunchy cacao nibs, coconut flakes, and Reese’s Puffs sugary cereal. The combination between the coconut and the cacao is beyond scrumptious on its own, but the Reese’s cereal is what really transforms it. 

Original Grain not only offers deliciously unique food, but a satisfying experience as well. Their prices are incredibly affordable, the portions are immense, the staff are friendly, and the vibes are easygoing. If you are ever looking to branch out of your Marshall Street comfort zone, Original Grain is a great place to start.

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