Let This New App Wine and Dine You

-Chloe Citron

Do you ever find yourself in a new city with no idea where to eat? Maybe you’re just  looking to try a new place in your town or even just a new dish at a restaurant you already love. Well then grab your Zagat! Just kidding, don’t do that. Open up Wine ‘n Dine on your phone, “It’s like having a local foodie, in your pocket, wherever you go!”

Wine ‘n Dine is basically Instagram for food, but on a whole other level. The app calls itself a social media discovery platform because it lets you post pictures of your food to a specific restaurant, say what dish you’re having, rate it on a scale of 1-5 stars and write a review about your food. You can also search by restaurant or by city to see what the top restaurants are near you.

I use Wine & Dine all of the time to see the best dishes at new restaurants I’m going to. Every restaurant that people have posted pictures to has a restaurant profile page complete with a digital menu that showcases pictures and reviews of food that people have eaten there.

Right now, according to Wine ‘n Dine, the top Syracuse restaurants are Original Grain, The York and Strong Hearts on the Hill. If you click into a restaurant’s page, like The York, you can see pictures that other people have posted of their most popular dishes.


Another really cool feature of the app is that besides just liking something, you can also add things to your “Wanna Try” list, that way when you see that yummy looking Buffalo Kale wrap from Strong Hearts on your feed, you don’t have to worry about not remembering it the next time you stop in for lunch. Wine ‘n Dine makes it easy to compile a list of new foods and new places you want to try so next time you and your friends can’t make up your mind about where to go, you can just check your Wanna Try list!

There are more and more people using the app each day, especially in big areas like New York City and Los Angeles.  Wine ‘n Dine also gives users a chance to show off their food photography skills. If you love trying new foods in and out of your area as well as looking at mouthwatering pictures of people’s meals, Wine ‘n Dine just might be for you.

Want to get started? Take a look below at some of my  favorite people to follow/stalk: @food_p.o.r.n._ny and @OffTheMenu




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