Why Ranch is the Most Universal Dressing of All Time

-Anna Weber

If you love ranch more than most things in life like myself, than you know that it is much more than just a rich dressing to place on top of a salad. Here are 5 ways you can utilize ranch, making it by far the most universal dressing of all time:

1.) Most obviously- use it as a dressing! My favorite kind of salad to use ranch on is a cobb salad- it’s a great replacement for bleu cheese which some people love or hate.

***Check out this recipe for Avocado Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing

(Photo: Cooking Classy)


2.) Use it as a condiment! It is a known fact amongst my friends that I cannot eat half my meals without a side of Hidden Valley Ranch. I dip my sandwiches, pizza, vegetables, and even mac and cheese in ranch!



3.) Use it as an ingredient in these delicious appetizers!

Buffalo Wing Dip!

(Photo: Damn Delicious)


4.) Use it as a marinade! This Hidden Valley Ranch Country Marinade Grilled Chicken is easy to make and even easier to eat!

(Source: Hidden Valley Ranch)

5.) And lastly- Use it to make creamy and mouthwatering sauces! 

Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole:

(Source: Damn Delicious)


Choose from one of these recipes to satisfy your ranch craving!

Can you think of any other dressing that can be used for more than just a salad topper? I highly doubt it.

Comment your favorite way to use ranch dressing below!

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