The Complete Pairings for Wine and Weed Wednesday

By Stefani Clark

4/20 blaze it or 4/20 booze it? On this widely celebrated “holiday,” why not both? This year, 4/20 lands on a Wednesday, which means inviting the beloved Mary Jane to your regular Wine Wednesday.

Blush and Kush, Blow Tree and Sherry, Drank and Dank. With all of the wines in existence, there are also many different kinds of marijuana. Depending on what’s in your supply, the type of wine you drink actually matters. So, here’s a comprehensive guide of the best wine and weed pairings.

  1.      Wine: Chenin Blanc   Weed: LA Confidential

kw001.jpg    la-confidential-3.jpg   

When you’re smoking the ever so popular skunk-y pot, a smooth, woodsy wine gives a little bit of acidity to complement this strain’s herbal notes.

  1.     Wine: Sauvignon Blanc   Weed: Northern Lights or Amnesia Haze


A citrusy and earthy bud would bring out the tropical and rich flavors of the wine.

  1.   Wine: Rosé   Weed: Bubba Kush


  A cold glass of sweet, sweet Rosé is a refreshing companion for the robust Bubba Kush.

  1.   Wine: Merlot    Weed: OG Kush



The OG red wine, Merlot, pairs really well with some OG Kush. The richness of the wine and the lemony and piney undertones of the weed compliment each other’s finicky–, but versatile– flavors.

  1.   Wine: Pinot noir     Weed: Durban poison


A lighter red like pinot noir is contrasted with some citrusy Durban poison. Instead of going for a sweet or cheesy strain, opt for an acidic bite to cut some of the wine’s bitterness.

  1.      Wine: Port    Weed: Cheese


   Wine is made for cheese and cheese is made for wine. But instead of eating the dairy delicacy, smoke it instead. With some sweet dessert Port, Cheese makes a quality substitute for a more casual evening.



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