9 Ways To Instantly Upgrade Your PB&J

Who wants a perfectly crafted peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a cold glass of milk for lunch? Everyone? Ok, good, that’s what I thought. Whether you like more peanut butter than jelly, or vice versa, a good ole PB&J never disappoints—even if you eat it every single day. Here are 10 ways to instantly upgrade your PB&J, while shaking up your lunchtime routine!


1. Swap Your Bread

Always use white or wheat? Make your PB&J with pumpernickel, cinnamon raisin, or sourdough! It’s a little change that can make all the difference.


2. Grill It

Yes, pretend you’re making a grilled cheese—but use your favorite nut butter and jelly instead of, you guessed it, cheese. The melted peanut butter gets warm and the thin crust on your bread adds the perfect crunchy, warm goodness that makes your stomach happy.


3. Take The P Out Of Your PB&J

Use almond butter, cashew butter, sunflower seed butter, apple butter; the choices are endless and delicious!


4. Add Your Favorite Fruit

Bananas are a go-to, but apples, pears, strawberries work great too!

banana sandwich

5. Load On More Gooey Spreads

Whether its PB&J with nutella, fluffernutter, honey, or any combination of these sticky and wonderful spreads, do it up!


6. Top With Chips Or Crackers

Literally any crunchy snack will work. It sounds a bit strange, but adding chips, crackers (I’d go with Ritz), or Chex Mix (weird, I know but it’s delicious!) adds a whole lot more to your sandwich.

7. Kick It Old School

Make your PB&J a throw back by making it an “Ants On A Log” sandwich. Place sliced celery and raisins in the middle of your sammy for a treat that will have you reminiscing of recess.

8. Transform It Into A Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Ditch the jelly for actual squares of chocolate and drizzles of chocolate syrup. Indulgent, but YUMMY!

8734014694_d8d224739a_z9. “P” Is For Pickles

You thought chips and Chex Mix sounded strange? How about pickles? Channel your inner sense of adventure and toss a few pickles in between your slices of bread. Make sure to skip the jelly with this one though!

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