5 Leftover Halloween Candy Recipes

Have a whole bunch of leftover candy from Halloween? Try these 5 recipes to free yourself from your sugary desires.

9 Snacks You Never Knew Were Gluten-Free

There’s a long-standing debate over whether gluten-free people eat healthier than non-gluten-free people. This list proves that it’s 100% possible to munch on some of the best snacks out there and be unhealthy as hell while maintaining a gluten-free diet. Bon appétit! 1. Starburst Now, you’ll never have to fight the urge to buy these…

7 Snacks You Never Knew Were Vegan

Although they aren’t labeled and marketed as such, the snacks we’ve listed are all vegan-approved and easy to find. You’re welcome, world.

5 Food Substitutes For Healthier Cooking

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. You can stick to your favorite recipes and simply substitute certain ingredients for healthier alternatives—we promise, you won’t lose the taste you love! Here’s a roundup of 5 easy substitutes for everyday meals. 1. Plain Greek Yogurt for Sour Cream The key word here is PLAIN. For the…

Chocolate Peanut Butter Crescent Rolls

Nothing on this planet is easier to make than crescent rolls. You just pop the can, roll them out, and bake. Crescent rolls have a variety of uses in pigs in a blanket recipes, at dinner parties when the host forgets to buy bread, and other faux-fancy events, but there is no better way to…

9 Ways To Instantly Upgrade Your PB&J

Who wants a perfectly crafted peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a cold glass of milk for lunch? Everyone? Ok, good, that’s what I thought. Whether you like more peanut butter than jelly, or vice versa, a good ole PB&J never disappoints—even if you eat it every single day. Here are 10 ways to instantly upgrade your…

New Ben & Jerry’s Flavor: The Tonight Dough

During the first episode of The Tonight Show’s second season, Jimmy Fallon deemed his new Ben & Jerry’s flavor “the best tasting ice cream, I swear you will ever, ever have in your entire life.”