Roji Tea: A Taste Of Heaven & Zen

If you’re looking for a place with insanely good tea, quality food, or a quiet spot to study, Roji Tea Lounge should be on your radar. Complete with comfy couches and dim lighting, Roji is the perfect spot for a weekday date, or just to curl up with a book. The lounge is mostly known for its enormous selection of tea, which includes iced tea, bubble tea, … Continue reading Roji Tea: A Taste Of Heaven & Zen

Coleman’s ‘Green Beer Day’ Parade

Take your chance with the “nectar of the gods,” this Sunday, February 22 at Coleman’s Green Beer Day! Since 1963, the authentic Irish pub in Tippery Hill has celebrated this holiday with a day of Irish festivities, which welcomes a month-long celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in Syracuse. At noon, The Onondaga Beverage Corporation will deliver a tanker truck full of green beer, which will be sold for $4 a pint. From … Continue reading Coleman’s ‘Green Beer Day’ Parade