How to Successfully Navigate the CNY Farmers Market as a Proud Plant-Based Eater

By Kylie Smith

The CNY Regional Farmers Market can be overwhelming to say the least, especially for a vegan.  As tempting as it may be to spend all day stopping at every vendor and reading the nutrition label hoping it doesn’t say “contains milk and eggs”, as a college student, or any person with a social life, it simply isn’t possible. This guide is meant to take you through each shed to find some of the best vegan options during the fall 2021 season.

Shed A

I have yet to come across a vegan who isn’t absolutely obsessed with nut butter and where better to get it than your local farmers market? Martin’s Homemade Pretzels sells delicious pretzels, peanut butter, and almond butter that are, of course, plant based! The best part is that a jar of Martin’s homemade almond butter is only $5! Plus, if you’re in the mood for the Mediterranean there are a handful of delicious stands lurking around this shed. We recommend visiting Goodies Mediterranean Cuisine and trying their fantastic falafel. 

Shed B

On warmer days, Shed B is the place to be, as it is located outside! Here, find fresh produce, from $2 sweet potatoes to $5 baskets of apples. During the fall season, you can also find squashes of all shapes and sizes to use for decor or a delicious cozy meal. One great find has been the discovery of the mashed and baked potato squashes. These special squashes are rumored to taste like a baked potato, and while the flavor profile may not be exactly the same, it is certainly worth trying. Another vendor in this shed is the jam stand. These jams range from strawberry to raspberry-peach and are spreading some love at just $2.75 each! 

Shed C

There are a lot of vegan options to see in this shed, starting with coffee grounds and chocolate chip cookies from Recess Coffee. Foods and Ferments sells delicious jars of sauerkraut, and Mays Middle Eastern’s Pastries brings you in with their vegan coconut walnut baklava. 

Shed D

If you must skip one shed on your farmers market voyage, it should be Shed D. All of your produce needs can be met within this shed, veggies and fruits included, however there are no specialized vegan items. Not to worry, the five other sheds make up for what this one lacks!

Shed E

The Finger Lakes Farms carries all of your fall-flavored necessities from Bootleg Kombucha, with flavors like blueberry-mint and peach-pineapple, Red Jacket’s raspberry juice, and apple butter! Across the way at Little House of Thyme you can find plant-based savory options, gourmet spices and grains, and couscous for $5 a pack. 

Shed F

Wrap up your farmers market adventure with some tasty sweets from Fat Cat Bakery! From apple cinnamon scones to snickerdoodle cookies, this stand has got it all! I know what you’re thinking, no whey, but it’s true, these baked goods are completely plant based! 

These are just some of the many vendors at the CNY farmers markets carrying products that are tasty and good for the planet. Of course, newcomers are always setting up stands at the market, so be sure to keep your eyes, ears and noses open for other vegan goodies!

All photos by Megan Jones

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