Rating Our Favorite Student Restaurants

by Yana Bychkova

Even though Syracuse is a smaller city, it still has a lot of nice restaurants that students love going to. Bleu Monkey, Funk ‘n Waffles, Oh My Darling, and Pastabilities are classic go-tos for SU students. But are they really all they’re cracked up to be? We decided to help you find out, with our own restaurant ratings based on the 3 P’s: price (average price per check), people (how crowded the place is), and preference (our dish recommendations). Enjoy!

Bleu Monkey 

Bleu Monkey is a small restaurant on Marshall Street owned by a local Chinese family. It has plenty of different options to pick from, including sushi, sashimi, noodles, lunch offers, poke bowls, and many more.

Price: $12 – $15

People: Usually not many, unless it’s a game day

Preference: Poke bowls (they are fire!)

Funk ‘n Waffles 

Funk ‘n Waffles is a popular restaurant downtown that offers a wide variety of different waffles with unique sweet and savory toppings! Their quirky waffle offerings include pulled pork, montecristo, and james brownie. If you go at night, you can likely listen to live music while enjoying a delicious breakfast for dinner.

Price: $15 – $17

People: It can get pretty crowded, especially during dinner time. But it’s order at the counter, so you can always take your food out if you can’t find a seat.

Preference: Chicken & Waffles (it’s an unbeatable classic!)

Oh My Darling

Oh My Darling is also a popular place in downtown Syracuse. It offers two types of menus, the main menu and the brunch menu. Brunch is generally offered on the weekend, while the main menu is available on the daily. And that’s not all! Oh My Darling has several noteworthy cocktails, with rotating options that change daily (and a speakeasy downstairs…shhhh).

Price: $15 – $18

People: It’s crowded during brunch. Approximate wait time can be up to an hour.

Preference: Banana bread french toast and a mimosa, or just orange juice if you are not 21+


Pastabilities is hands down the most popular restaurant for students and their families in Syracuse. The Italian joint is famous for its beautiful interior and amazing homemade pasta dishes! Pastabilities has two different menus: lunch and dinner (the dinner one also offers a bunch of unique cocktails). But that’s not all- Pastabilities also has its very own bakery located a few buildings away.

Price: $16 – $18

People: It’s very crowded at nights, approximate wait time on weekends is generally an hour or more.

Preference: Carbonara (classy but sassy)

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