V-Day Gift Guide

By Lucy Dunn


Q: What did one muffin say to another muffin on Valentine’s Day?

A: You’re my stud-muffin!

Shopping for the peanut butter to your jelly can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, but fear no more! Baked has put together the most over the top gifts that your Valentine will love. So no matter how you’re celebrating, whether on an awkward first date or with your significant other, go big with a gift that will make any heart skip a beat.


1. Overload


candy tower
Red Mega Valentine Nostalgic Candy Gift Tower


Go big or go home with the Red Mega Valentine Nostalgic Candy Gift Tower (try saying that 4 times fast). This is for that special someone who is worth spending more than twenty bucks on. Each tower contains an infinite amount of candy choices that can hold them over until next Valentines Day. If you love your significant other, don’t look at the shipping cost. Just know their sweet tooth will be thanking you. 


2. Sweet on the inside

The tower is a bit extreme, but this gift is slightly more subtle —  a ten-pound box filled with an assortment of treats. If you don’t know what your significant other’s favorite candy is, there is a good chance that there’s something in this box that they’ll like (it also comes in an all-chocolate option). Show that special someone how sweet they are with a ten-pound box of sweets.


candy box.png
Bulk Candy Box


3. Wine not?

One of the most well known Valentine’s day pairings, besides all the happy couples, is chocolate and wine. Impress your date with a chocolate covered wine bottle! Saving yourself the time buying both the wine and the chocolate when you can buy them at once. But just remember two important things when enjoying a good bottle of wine:

    1. Open the bottle to allow it to breathe. 

  1. If it doesn’t look like it’s breathing, give it mouth-to-mouth! 


chocolate wine
By Bliss In A Bottle



4. Corny

Whether you are crying over a Nicholas Sparks movie by yourself or snuggling up, no movie is complete without popcorn. This popcorn pizza comes in a variety of flavors like mint oreo cookie, sea salt caramel, s’mores and birthday cake. And remember, you have 364 days until you have to worry about V-day again.


vday pizza.png
Popcorn Candy Pizza




5. Don’t go bacon my heart

When I hear the word bacon, my mouth immediately begins to water. If you’re in desperate need of finding your man or woman a gift and they are a true bacon lover, then this is the gift for you! This thirteen piece Pig Out Bacon Sampler comes with Baconnaise, Bacon Mustard, Bacon Salt, Pig Candy, Bacon Lollipops, and chocolate covered bacon. Has your mouth started to water yet? 


Pig Out Bacon Sampler



Whether you are sweet or salty about the holiday, there are thousands of gifts out there for each occasion! And for all you single people out there, buy one of these for yourself. You’re worth it.

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