Comfort Food to Fight the Mumps

By Claire Pickens

The big topic at Syracuse University this year is, of course, the mumps epidemic. As of right now, there are 37 confirmed cases of the mumps on campus and 76 probable cases. Students are encouraged to get a third dose of the MMR vaccine to prevent the spread of the mumps. But you might need some extra wholesome food to put up a fight. Feel like you’re getting sick and scared you might get the mumps? Luckily, I’ve pulled together some quick comforting recipes and specialities from local Syracuse restaurants to help fight the mumps! 

Whether it was your mom or dad, homemade or canned, chicken noodle soup is a staple comfort food in everyone’s childhood. Although you can quickly run to the store and buy  some to heat up at home, you can also make it yourself if you’re feeling up for it. This recipe is comforting, easy to make, and is a great way to kick the mumps to the curve this fall! 

Chicken Noodle

If chicken noodle soup isn’t your style, tomato might be! CoreLife Eatery, just a short 14 minute drive away from campus, has a supreme tomato basil soup that will cure you of just about anything. Trust me, it’s better than any canned or pre-packaged tomato soup you can heat up in your microwave. This soup is well-worth the drive, and pairs well with any of their healthy salads or bowls.


An alternative to traditional soup, Pho, is a Vietnamese soup usually made from beef or chicken stock, and is accompanied by rice noodles and thin slices of protein. Pho’s bone broth improves digestive and immune system health, while strengthening bones and joints. Syracuse has its own Vietnamese restaurant, Mai Lan. Mai Lan offers an assortment of pho and soup to cure your sickness and keep you in good health all year long.


If Marshall Street is your only option, the delicious smoothies at Stronghearts will surely boost your immune system, keeping the mumps away for good. Made on the spot with fresh ingredients, these vegan vitamin boosters will load your body up with yummy nutrients! Try the Immunity or Green Machine smoothie.


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