Drinks to Beat the Heat: Right on Marshall Street

By Morgan Schare

It’s late September and everyone at Syracuse is wondering the same thing, “How is it still 80 degrees?” As a fellow student who does not do well in the heat and is running out of cute shorts to wear to class, here’s a list of refreshing drinks (not from Starbucks) to grab on your way to class!

Bubble Tea 

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 6.03.08 PM

Bubble tea is a trendy drink that you can scoop up on your way to class from the Unique Tea House right on Marshall street! It’s a cool, but quiet place which makes it a great place to snap a quick instagram photo or cram for a test you forgot about!

Frozen Hot Chocolate


If you’re craving hot chocolate, but can’t stand to drink it in the heat, frozen hot chocolate from Dunkin should be your drink of choice! It’s refreshing, tasty and makes the perfect dessert. 

Old Fashioned Coca Cola


Going to a university that only has Pepsi products can be challenging at times, and it seems that most places in Syracuse only sell Pepsi as well. This can be a struggle for us Coca Cola lovers, but have no fear! On a scorching hot day, you can head over to Pita Pit and grab a bottle of your favorite Coke product. 

Iced Coffee


If you find yourself dozing off in class, you’re definitely in need of some caffeine. Cafe Kubal has great iced coffee that can whip you right back into an energy-filled mood!. It’s close enough to campus to grab a cup in between classes, but the atmosphere is quiet and chill which makes it a great place to get some homework done.

Smoothies & Milkshakes


Strong Hearts Cafe is located in Marshall Square Mall right on Marshall Street. It’s an all vegan cafe that makes delicious smoothies and milkshakes. My personal favorite smoothie is strawberry, banana and peanut butter. It’s a great healthy snack to grab while running to your next class!

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