Challah: Holy Yum!

By Dani Katz

Challah, a braided egg bread, is traditionally known worldwide as a Jewish bread that is enjoyed on Shabbat and other Jewish holidays. Nevertheless, challah is so delicious it can be enjoyed by all, no matter where you are from or what religion you practice. Although it’s easy to sit there and eat the whole loaf at once, here are some delicious dishes that use challah to take something basic to the next level.

Have you ever had Challah French Toast Casserole? If not, you should totally try it. Challah French toast is one of my favorites. It is sweet, yummy, and full of cinnamon sugar. It is also a dish that can be made the day before and then just popped into the microwave/oven in the morning. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 11.01.58 PM


How about Challah Dough Cinnamon Buns? This dish is perfect for both breakfast and dessert. These sweet sticky buns are out of this world! The moist bread and eggy batter is a wonderful substitute for normal dough and will surprise you with a punch of flavor. Although these totally can be made for the holidays, they’re just as perfect as a treat on a random Sunday morning. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 11.02.13 PM

Not all challah recipes have to be sweet! Check out this recipe for Challah Garlic Croutons! Using challah bread to make croutons compared to other types of bread allows the croutons to become fluffier, without losing the amazing crunch! The best part about challah croutons is that they feel so light because they have a lot of air in them, so it gives us an excuse to eat more deliciousness!

Enjoy challah in whatever form you want! It is important to note that it is a bread that comes from the Jewish people, and this history deserves to be recognized. Nevertheless, we should all experiment with challah and form new delicious creations. Above are just a few I recommend you try, but don’t be afraid to substitute challah for other types of bread in recipes or create your own. 

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