Get Psyched for Halloween with These Sweet Movie Treats

By Marina Guacci

Forget Freeform’s 25 days of Christmas, starting Thursday October 19th is Freeform’s 13 days of Halloween! That’s right, your spooky faves like Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, and The Nightmare Before Christmas will be creeping onto your TV screens very shortly. Forget the tricks and make this freaky movie marathon all about the treats, pairing your favorite movies with snacks that go together just like witches and broomsticks.


A Disney Channel classic, Halloweentown, leaves most of us wishing we were still in middle school with no homework, and NO MIDTERMS TO STUDY FOR. In honor of the massive pumpkin that sits in the center of the hustle and bustle of Halloweentown, choose a snack that encapsulates popular fall flavors. No matter what your favorite snack is – whether that be cookies, donuts, crackers, or ice cream – you’re bound to find it in a pumpkin flavor.



If you’re a fan of scary movies, you’ll definitely be tuning in to watch Scream. Screaming at your television screen will definitely work up an appetite, so don’t forget to take a break and indulge in a snack or two. Just like the icy heart of the killer in this movie, the perfect frozen treat to go with tScream is a scoop of some ice (s)cream. To really get in the holiday mood, opt for a flavor whose color resembles the gore and horror of this 90’s blockbuster like strawberry or red velvet.


Hocus Pocus

Even though this movie is all about witches, cauldron brew doesn’t sound like the most appetizing snack. Instead, pair this quintessential holiday classic with something sweeter, like a “Clark Bar.” If you’ve ever watched Hocus Pocus, you know this nutty candy bar was the crux of one of the movie’s most famous lines, “Now, tart-face, take your Clark bars and get out of my house!” Even though Clack Bars aren’t as popular anymore, Butterfingers can take it’s place for today’s trick-or-treaters. So cozy up on your couch, unwrap this sweet treat, and get ready to enjoy the hocus and pocus of the holiday season.


Nightmare Before Christmas

Sally, the rebellious rag doll in the movie, uses spiked soup to put her master, Doctor Ficklestean, to sleep so she can escape the home where he keeps her trapped. While a hot bowl of poisonous soup may not sound so nice, if you substitute poison for noodles and veggies, it’s the perfect compliment to this freaky film. Whether you opt for a classic chicken noodle or creamy broccoli cheddar, the best thing about soup is that you can combine a variety of ingredients and have the best of both worlds, just like in the Nightmare Before Christmas.



When you’re scavenging your cupboards for something to eat, who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! Slime plays a huge role in this movie, so why not have it be the star of your snack. Green slime popcorn gives an oozy twist to a Halloween classic you all know and love. All you need is popcorn, brown sugar, butter, marshmallows, corn syrup, vanilla extract, and green food coloring. You’ll have your very own popcorn slime to munch on as you watch Melissa McCarthy try to prove that ghosts exist.


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