What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Eat For Your Spring Break Diet

-Amy Schwartz

As the semester gets busier there is still time to focus on feeding your body the healthy things it needs to feel it’s best, just in time for your spring break plans.

You Should Eat:


Fruit tray from @wegmansfoodmarkets is definitely @instagram worthy. #happyholidays #buylocal #wegmans #fruit #bountiful

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Want to satisfy your sweet tooth while maintaining your beach body? Aim for natural sugars instead of artificial! Check out Wegmans for a great selection of fresh fruit!


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Not only do veggies leave you feeling full while eating less, but also they are very low calorie! In addition, vegetables provide fiber to help cleanse your body and leave you feeling refreshed enough to step into your bikini. Try Strong Hearts for a delicious salad!


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Quinoa is a delicious and nutritious food that is perfect for the pre-Spring break slim down. It provides healthy carbs while also providing a relatively large amount of protein! It will fill you up and keep you feeling lighter than plain-old white rice or pasta. Good Uncle can deliver a great quinoa salad!

You Shouldn’t Eat:

Salty Foods

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Though salt may be in the ocean and in your hair during your spring break getaway, it is your pre-SB diet’s worst enemy. Salt leaves you feeling bloated and dehydrated! Avoid those late night drunk eats of pizza and fries, like the Acropolis above. These foods may be yummy, but they are also hiding large amounts of sodium that are definitely not worth it.

Processed Foods

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Cheap and convenient, processed foods can easily become a go-to snack or meal. However, your late night Oreo’s at the Junction or your Kimmel mac and cheese are not as convenient for your beach body as they are for your wallet. Try to stay away from these highly modified foods and eat more whole!

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