Tasting Armory: Lemon Grass

– Katie Bisbee

Downtown in Armory Square lives an authentic Thai restaurant that has been committed to bringing Pacific Rim Thai food for over 20 years. This week, Lemon Grass took part in Syracuse’s 13th Annual Downtown Dining Week.

This fairly upscale restaurant had a welcoming atmosphere with a younger vibe. The trendy artwork on the walls and soft lighting created a sophisticated mood. With ample seating and attentive staff, Lemon Grass created a wonderful dining experience.

First Course

Moroccan Fritters

unnamed (2)
Photo: Katie Bisbee

When looking at the appetizer options I was immediately intrigued by the Moroccan fritters. Made with fried Mung beans, green peas and chickpeas, these fritters tasted similar to falafel. However, the additional Moroccan spices added a zest to its savory flavor. The sweet chili vinaigrette made the dish by adding a sweetness that complimented the mild flavor of the fritters.

Second Course

Mixed Bitter Greens

unnamed (1)
Photo: Katie Bisbee

With the option of peanut dressing or balsamic vinaigrette, this salad did not live up to my expectations. I opted for peanut dressing to stay with the Thai theme of the restaurant, however I was expecting more from this salad. With greens, tomatoes and onions, this salad was heavily dressed. However, the peanut dressing was delectable having a pleasant saltiness.

Third Course

Sliced Filet Mignon Green Curry

Photo: Katie Bisbee

With many entrees on the menu to choose from, I decided to go for the recommended dish of the waiter: the filet with green curry. Marinated perfectly, the filet was tender and tossed with peppers and jalapeños. The Green Curry paste was very flavorful, however was spicier than I had imagined. I would not order this dish if you do not like spicy foods, however, overall I found this plate to be delicious.

Trying food for Dining Week helped expand my taste buds beyond Marshall Street. I highly recommend that everyone make reservations for this restaurant. While normally the dishes are more expensive than they were during dining week, I would dine there again for the experience.


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