Cookie Dough Craze

– Claire Mackman

Raw edible cookie dough is taking the food world by storm. The combinations of homemade tasty creations and unbaked cookie dough restaurants have gained impressive attention by consumers. Not surprisingly, those cookie obsessed have met their newest cookie fix! People are completely infatuated by the idea of shoveling endless amounts of raw cookie dough to the face. Especially when flavors include cake batter, cookies n’dream and gimme s’more!

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The most notable edible cookie dough restaurant is called Cookie DŌ, located in New York City. A line for this mouthwatering dough starts as early as 10am- talk about a good start to the day! Cookie DŌ offers various flavors including classics, signature combinations and even seasonal. Once you make the hardest decision of your life (picking a dough flavor), you can eat it out of a cup, cone or even add toppings.

But Cookie DŌ doesn’t stop there. The company also has an endless menu of other tantalizing items beyond your cookie DŌ dreams. For just a taste of what they’re serving up, you can order an ice cream sanDŌwich, cookie DŌ milkshake, cookie bombs, cookie cakes and the legendary cookie dough ice cream pie. Even better, the DŌ comes in gluten-free, vegan and grain free options. Lucky for you, Cookie DŌ is also able to ship their delicious edible cookie dough right to you! Whether you’re looking for a Bite Box or Tasting Pack of Cookie DŌ, I’m sure the DŌ won’t disappoint.

Unfortunately, due to their popularity, Cookie DŌ is often sold out in dough flavors available for shipping but do not worry! Other companies that ship edible cookie dough include Unbaked and Edoughable so you will be guaranteed to enjoy a tub of cookie dough heaven. Last resort, check your local grocery store for the Cookie Dough Café brand or order their product online too!

Now, if you don’t have the time to wait online all day, here is a must try recipe. The trick to all this cookie dough madness is heat-treated flour. This kills all potential food borne illness. The professional edible cookie dough makers also use a pasteurized egg product to avoid any chances of salmonella.

Making your own raw edible cookie dough only takes 6 ingredients. All you’ll need is flour, sugar, butter, milk, vanilla and salt. Baking the flour for a short amount of time in the oven is the first step and from there you chuck everything in the bowl to mix. Refrigerate the dough for at least 30 minutes, add whatever toppings your tummy desires and enjoy! Chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, Oreos, M&Ms, Reese’s cups, the possibilities are endless!

This cookie dough trend provides an edible solution to one mankind’s biggest cravings. Now consumers can eat raw cookie dough without the risk and just the same amount of delicious! And let’s be honest, the best part of making cookies is eating half the dough before it gets a chance to make it to the oven. This foodie trend has blown up due to its exciting and arousing nature. People aren’t used to walking into a store and ordering up a cone of brownie batter cookie dough…and I don’t know about you, but I definitely could get used to that! Next time you’re itching for some cookie dough you know where to go!

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