A Pint of OktoberFest in ‘Cuse

-Sydney Zuckerman

Love beer, but want a different kind of vibe? Maybe less Irish Pub (read Faegan’s), and more crazy, loud German soccer bar? Luckily, Cuse has just the place.


Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 10.22.57 AM.png
(Source: Wolff’s Biergarten)

Wolff’s Biergarten, located at 106 Montgomery St. offers a cozy atmosphere that is just too perfect for drinking a nice tall mug of beer. Just a short drive from The Hill, Wolff’s Biergarten is nestled two streets over from Erie Boulevard and about five blocks from Armory Square.


Stepping into this joint is like going to Oktoberfest all year round. Now, that may be somewhat of an exaggeration – the biergarten doesn’t have ladies with braids serving you or thousands of tourists – but hey, for Cuse it comes close enough.

(Source: Wolff’s Biergarten)

The interior makes you feel like you are sitting at an outdoor drinking establishment in Germany. You’ll find with long, sturdy wooden tables, peanut shells on the floor, and friends sitting around drinking large glasses of beer. If you want an even larger glass of beer, show up on your birthday and you get a 2 liter boot (a literal glass boot!) of beer.

If you do plan to get a little twisted at Wolff’s, don’t plan on filling up on a meal – the biergarten serves sausages and pretzels, but on a normal night that’s about it. If you are looking to have a big dinner party, Wolff’s does offer a private dinner referred to as Beefsteak. Beefsteak dinners start at $50 a person and feature filet mignons, salads, various starches and loads of – you guessed it – beer! According tos explained on Wolff’s website, Beefsteak dinners first appeared among the working class population in 19th century New York City as a celebration. This updated version may be a bit pricey for our college student budgets, but try out your own DIY Beefsteak dinner at a friend’s place and then finish off the night with putting down a few at Wolff’s.

(Source: Wolff’s Biergarten)

Although we’ll always love Faegan’s, Wolff’s Biergarten is definitely worth a try for the over 21 crowd and offers a fresh twist on the beer-drinking experience.

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