10 Ways To Treat Your Long Distance Best Friend

-Tess Greenberg

Being away from home is hard, especially around birthdays and holidays. Instead of being surrounded by loved ones and homemade treats, we sit in our rooms and eat dining hall food. Show your friends some love any time of the year by ordering them novelty treats they’ll definitely have to hide from their roommates.

1. Wicked Good Cupcakes

Ditch the wrapper and strive for jars. You can customize your own box with two to 12 jars. Mix and match the different flavors, from Red Velvet to Pumpkin Spice during fall. The cupcake jars aren’t the only sweets that are wicked good. Cookie jars, pie jars and brownie jars are some of the other reasonably priced treats.

2. Boomf

Boomf makes it possible to send goodies and photos all in one. Based in England, this company prints 2 to 6 pictures of your choice on homemade marshmallow cubes. They come in a box, lined up like your favorite food Insta grid. You can pick vanilla or strawberry flavored marshmallows, as well as regular marshmallows or marshmallow pops.

3. The Cookie Joint

You may open this gift and think your friend sent you a McDonald’s Happy Meal until you realize they have sent you a package from the Cookie Joint These fries look just like the real deal, but are actually shortbread, chocolate chip, cinnamon spice, toffee crunch and confetti flavored cookies in a crinkle cut fry shape. They offer a bunch of different gift boxes filled with these deceiving goodies PLUS some sweet dipping sauces that are guaranteed to make your friend’s day.

4. Cookie DŌ NYC

Edible cookie dough. No mom will be able to yell at you and your friends about salmonella with one of these. Working with a pasteurized egg product eliminates the risk of foodborne illness. Send your friends as many pints of cookie dough as you can afford, in flavors ranging from Fluffernutter to chocolate chip to s’mores. Send some spoons along with the dough because your friend will be eating this stuff straight out of the containers. 

5. Jeni’s

For your friends who celebrate summer year round, Jeni’s Ice Cream is the perfect gift with their unique and delicious pints of ice cream. Their flavor combinations are straight from your dreams: Brown Butter Almond Brittle, Pistachio and Honey, Wildberry Lavender, and even Thai Curry Pumpkin. Ice cream sandwiches are also an option to add a little crunch in your friends’ day. 

6. Schmackary’s

Sometimes, you just want to send your friends some good old fashioned cookies. Schmackary’s is the place to do it. They carry over 45 different flavored cookies, and 12 cookies go for only $25- $30. They will send them anywhere in the country for that price and they offer 13 different cookie combination packages. A great deal for some great cookies. 

7. Baked by Melissa

In 2008, Syracuse University alum Melissa Ben-Ishay started her extremely successful baking company, known for its mini cupcakes. The best thing about these are the fact that if you want something sweet, you don’t need to commit to one huge cupcake. Instead, Baked By Melissa gives you the option to try a bunch of different bite-sized cupcakes. You can send an assortment of 12 or 24 mini cupcakes and recently they started offering mini macaron assortments, as well. Some cupcake flavors include cookies and cream, chocolate chip pancake, and even tie-dye.

8. Maggie Louise Confections

Maggie Louise Confections creates probably the cutest chocolate boxes you have ever seen. They are completely customizable with words, symbols and shapes all made out of chocolate. They make chocolate shaped like lipstick, lightening bolts, breakfast foods, champagne and so much more. 

9. Sugarfina

Looking to give your friend a sugar rush? Sugarfina is a website where you can send your friend all the trendy candies they could imagine. These aren’t your typical M&M’s and Jolly Ranchers… It’s more like Champagne Gummy Bears and Birthday Cake Caramels. So much cooler. So much classier.

10. Fatty Sundays

Last but not least, chocolate covered pretzels. They come in tons of different colors and flavors, with every colored sprinkle in existence, as well as some topped with toffee, coconut and pistachio. They come in one flavor per box plus they also have chocolate covered pretzel bites! So cute! 

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