Last Minute Spring Break Diet Tips

-Anna Weber


If you’re anything like I am, dieting is NOT in my vocabulary. Although I’d choose a big mac over a chef’s salad any day, spring break diets typically don’t include fast food. So, here are some easy “diet” tips for those who are leaving the Syracuse tundra and going somewhere 90 degrees and sunny.

1.)   Smaller Meals, More Snacks:

Eating more frequent snacks in between smaller meals will have you consuming less calories  while simultaneously preventing a food baby

So…what kind of snacks should I eat?

Focus on eliminating anything high in fat or salt. These are the two things that keep you asking for more and make you bloated. Instead of grabbing a bag a goldfish, reach for some fruits, vegetables, or nuts.

2.)   Replace Cheese:

Cheese is hands down my #1 weakness. So when I’m trying to be just a little bit healthier, reach for an alternative like avocado or hummus. Avocado is extremely nutrient dense healthy fats and low in calorie. Hummus also provides a great source of protein (looking at you vegetarians out there). These two items will provide nutrients, flavor, and creaminess to your snacks/ meals without all the processed and saturated fats.

3.)   Stay Away From Red Meats:

Although red meat is the bae of all meats, switching over to a leaner meat can taste (almost) as good with a lot less fat and calories.


For Lunch, replace any salamis or ham with sliced turkey and/or chicken in your sandwiches. They are a lot leaner with a lot less fat.  Try to buy a brand with low sodium. At Dinner, replace any red meats like ground beef or steak with chicken, ground turkey, or fish. Again, same great flavor and texture but a lot healthier.


(Photo: Bon Appetit)

For some reason, carbs have become the devil when it comes to diets, but, CARBS ARE OK! We need carbohydrates for energy! But just like anything else, too much of anything isn’t going to benefit you. Try to stay away from white processed bread. There is pretty much zero nutrient value to them. I try to eat some kind of grain or starch with my breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but try to refrain from them when snacking (look above). Whole grain products have much more nutrient value them, including high fiber and protein.


Try having a piece of whole grain toast for breakfast, whole grain wrap for lunch, and whole grain rice, pasta, or quinoa with your dinner. Again, this will keep focused during the day without all the extra and empty calories .

5.)   And lastly…WATER!!!

(Photo: imforeverjustyours)

Water is the number one important thing no matter what diet you are on. HYDRATE. HYDRATE. HYDRATE.  If you aren’t a “fan” of plain water, try adding some lemon or cucumber to naturally flavor it. You should be consuming MULTIPLE glasses of water a day. It will 1.) trick your body into thinking you’re full 2.) flush out your system And 3.) Keep you hydrated (duh)

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