11 Places to Eat in Syracuse Before Graduation

By Lee Musho and Abby Maddigan

As graduation approaches, you’re left reminiscing about the past four years. The good times, the bad times, the drunk times, the cold times, and the late-night snack times. From wings to greasy hotdogs, our list has everything you need to chow down on in order to say goodbye.


fruity pebbles french toast
Photo from Yelp



11. Modern Malt: 325 S Clinton Street

From Barney Rubble French Toast to burgers and shakes, Modern Malt has it all. You may have gone on a date here, or ordered brunch and told your best friends everything that happened the night before.



10. Mother’s Cupboard Fish Fry: 3709 James Street

The cupboard reference is no exaggeration. The tiny joint on the side of James St. only seats about 45 people at once. Treat yourself to pancakes bigger than your face, or a frittata the size of a small child. And if you’re feeling up to it, try The Frittata Challenge which consists of a 6-pound frittata stuffed with pepperoni, sausage, eggs, onions, broccoli, peppers, and home fries (oh my!).








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Photo from Yelp


9. Funk n Waffles: 307-313 S Clinton St

We all mourned the loss of Funk n Waffles by Marshall. It was a Cuse classic before Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Thankfully there is still live music and all the waffles we adore at their spot downtown.


8. Heid’s of Liverpool: 305 Oswego Street, Liverpool

Known as one of the oldest drive-ins in CNY, Heid’s is a Syracuse student’s must-have and a hot dog lover’s dream. The daily special includes 2 Franks or 2 Coneys or one of each, regular fries, and a medium drink for $7.25.



Screenshot at Apr 13 17-06-21
Photo from Yelp


7. Alto Cinco: 526 Westcott Street

$5 Margaritas and nachos during happy hour. You’re welcome.



6. Mom’s Diner: 501 Westcott Street

Sometimes (most of the time) the line at Stella’s is too long for your hangover. Mom’s Diner, on the corner of Westcott and Harvard Street, is one of the quickest pick-me-up’s serving standard diner signatures like hash browns, omelets, and the perfect amount of grease.


Screenshot at Apr 13 16-46-12.png
Photo by Wings Over


5. Wings Over

Invite over some friends, pop open a few beers and reminisce about how far you’ve come while licking your fingers. Is there anything more quintessential “college” than ordering in some wings?

4. Ruston’s Diner: 6293 North Street, Jamesville

This quaint diner is home to $5 breakfasts and one of the best eggs Benedict you’ll ever eat. But make sure to get there early because this brunch special usually sells out by 10 a.m. every day.



Screenshot at Apr 13 16-36-01.png
Photo by Pastabilities


3. Pastabilities: 311 S Franklin St

It may have been overhyped while you were in school, but you won’t find their hot tomato oil anywhere else. Pick up a jar and save it for when those inevitable Cuse-sick moments come out of nowhere.


Screenshot at Apr 13 16-38-01.png
Photo by Dinosaur BBQ

2. Dinosaur BBQ: 246 W Willow Street

If Dino BBQ isn’t comfort food, we don’t know what is. Take out your pent up stress on a rack of ribs.


1. Calios: 123 Marshall St

Remember those freshman days back at your dorm after a night out when only Calios was open and you’d order a buffalo chicken with bleu cheese at 3 am? The next morning you’d wake up with only the grease-soaked cardboard box as a reminder of your bad decisions. Before you become a responsible adult, indulge in your undergraduate vice one last time.

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