#PayWithLovin: McDonald’s Customers Win Free Meals

Last Tuesday afternoon, freshman Krysta Prehoda was on her way to Schine when she received an unexpected phone call. “I just wanted to tell you I love you and miss you and I’ll talk to you later,” said Krysta’s mother, Debra Prehoda. As simple as that, Krysta’s mom was calling to say she loved her. But what Krysta didn’t know, was that on the other end of the line, her mom’s affection earned her a free order at Mickey D’s.

During her lunch break, Debra decided to grab drinks for her colleagues at a McDonald’s in Malta, NY. She was asked to pick a number between 1 and 11, and then the cashier asked her to call someone and tell them that she loved them. Debra was selected to “Pay With Lovin” as part of McDonald’s newest Valentine’s Day promotion, walking away with free drinks and a full heart.

But Debra wasn’t the only one. McDonald’s Pay With Lovin’ campaign, which began on February 3 and will continue until Valentine’s Day, requires each branch of the fast-food chain to select 100 customers for the promotion. So far the #PayWithLovin campaign has been received successfully as customers nation-wide phone a friend, or hug a stranger in exchange for a free McDonald’s order. Here are a few of our favorites:


But remember, Pay With Lovin is awarded to customers at random. If your order isn’t free, it still doesn’t hurt to call a friend and say “I love you.” Either way, be a good sport.

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