Creole Soul To Bring Louisiana Flavors To CNY

If you’re craving the tangy taste of authentic New Orleans soul food, then Darren Chavis has got you covered. The New Orleans native plans to open his Creole restaurant, Creole Soul, in the Dey’s Centennial Building early this November.

New Orleans’s French Quarter, a hub of Creole cuisine

Customers can order their Creole fare in a setting that mimics the New Orleans experience, with an ordering station labeled “French Market,” and a pick-up station marked “Bourbon Street.” The eatery will serve Creole classics like jambalaya, rice, beans, gumbo and more. It will also offer vegetarian options, like Shrimp and Grits, which is a meal made from creamy grits and topped with peppery brown gravy and butterfly shrimp.

Chavis stresses that his restaurant will serve authentic Creole food rather than Cajun, which is a more country-style cuisine. He explained that Cajun food is more rural and uses every part of the animal. His Creole dishes will be true to New Orleans style, using the type of seasonings you’d find in the Crescent City.

The restaurant will be built on the Warren Street side of the Dey’s building and will seat about 35-40 customers. It will also include a bar serving beer and wine, and possibly hard liquor in the future.


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