4 Great Vegan Options In Syracuse

Ever wonder what vegans eat? I’m asked this question almost every day, and I’m here with some answers. If you don’t want to cook, Syracuse has a ton of restaurants that cater to the vegan lifestyle. Spoiler alert: none of these places are salad bars.

Strong Hearts
The Tempeh Tantrum at Strong Hearts

Strong Hearts Cafe and Strong Hearts On The Hill

Strong Hearts sets the standard for vegan food in Syracuse. This insanely good all-vegan restaurant has locations in Armory Square and just off of Marshall Street. There are no bad options here—just incredible food that will open your mind to how much variety there is on a vegan diet. Come to either of its two locations for healthy, flavorful sandwiches, and try one of the milkshakes on its enormous dessert menu.

Locations at 719 E. Genesee Street and 720 University Avenue (in Marshall Square Mall) 

Alto Cinco
Vegan breakfast burrito at Alto Cinco

Alto Cinco

Though Alto Cinco is a Mexican restaurant that serves a plethora of cheese- and meat-based dishes, there are a surprising number of vegan options that don’t skimp on the traditional south-of-the-border flavors. Even the brunch menu has a vegan breakfast burrito with flavors you can’t find anywhere else in Syracuse. Of course, no Mexican meal is complete without several rounds of chips, salsa, and guacamole.

526 Westcott Street

Funk n Waffles 2
The Falafel Waffle at Funk n’ Waffles

Funk n’ Waffles

A Syracuse staple nestled behind Marshall Street, Funk n’ Waffles caters to every palate imaginable. From classics like chocolate chip to bacon and cheese-stuffed waffles, it’s easy to find a dish to satisfy any craving. Thankfully, vegans can also enjoy this campus favorite. The Aunt Miriam’s Waffle (strawberries and maple syrup) and the Falafel Waffle (falafel with cucumbers and tomatoes) are two menu options for the Syracuse vegan population, and pretty awesome options at that.

727 S. Crouse Avenue, Suite 8

Roji 2
Tofu ramen noodle bowl at Roji Tea Lounge

Roji Tea Lounge

Just off of Armory Square, Roji Tea Lounge is a tiny, quiet restaurant with a Zen-like atmosphere and a huge variety of teas. It keeps quiet about its almost entirely vegan menu, but there’s a lot to talk about. Its soybean chocolate mousse, chocolate cakes, and ramen dishes are only a few of its absolutely incredible options, which pack in a ton of flavor for a great price. Come to Roji to study, cuddle under a blanket on one of the worn-in couches, and warm up with some tea.

108 E. Washington Street #2


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