10 Things To Make With Apples Besides Food

Homemade apple pie, hot apple cider…apple season is well underway, but there’s more to the fall fruit than its culinary potential! With these 10 ideas, you can show your crafty side while using the rest of your apple picking haul.


1. Stamps

Simply cut apples in half, dip in paint, and stamp away.

2. Facial mask

With the weather turning cooler and skin inevitably turning paler, we could all use a fall glow. Blend together 1 green apple, ¼ cup yogurt, and 1 tablespoon honey, then spread evenly on your face.

3. Centerpiece

To give your home a festive feel, put apples in a vase or bowl instead of relying on flowers.

4. Potpourri

Combine apples with a few additional ingredients like nutmeg, vanilla fragrance, and cinnamon to make your home smell like the essence of fall.

5. Ornaments

Instead of hanging sequined ornaments or bows on your Christmas tree this season, hang fresh apples to add a fruity smell to your tree and give it a unique look.

6. Placeholders

Cut out a cardstock paper in the shape of a leaf and attach it to an apple with glue. Write your guests’ name on each card and you’ll have a creative placeholder.

7. Candles

By de-coring an apple, carving out its center, and adding a votive candle inside, you can easily make a candle that’ll make  guests never want to leave.

8. Garlands

Use smaller apples like lady apples or crab apples to string together a garland for your homes’ banisters, doors, or walls.

9. Additions to your workout

When you want to add a bit of a challenge to your crunches, put an apple in between your thighs and squeeze. It helps you work your hip flexors and adductors, along with your abs.

10. Shrunken heads

Prepare early for Halloween and create fun shrunken heads using any kind of apple. Peel the apples, then soak them in a mixture of lemon juice, water, and salt—this will make the apples look withered. Next, use a small knife to design your face for the apple. Make the heads before Halloween, as they’ll need to dry for 1-2 weeks in a humid area.

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