Satisfying Your Bagel Desires in Syracuse

by Sarah Alessandrini

From pronunciation to which region claims the best, bagels are a popular subject of debate —  especially for our New York or New Jersey natives. Everyone clearly has their own preference of what makes a good bagel. Should they be soft and fluffy? Crispy on the outside? We set out to rate the different types of bagels served near Syracuse University’s campus so you can decide which one satisfies all your bagel needs. 

Water Street Bagel Co.

Found on Water Street, hence the name, this bagel joint is easily a student favorite. These bagels are always served warm and fresh, and make for quick and yummy breakfast sandwiches. They also offer a wide variety of toppings, including avocado and pure maple syrup. 

The outside of these bagels are a perfect golden brown, adding just the right amount of crunch. While they probably fall right around the middle on the softness scale, the thickness of the bread makes up for that lack, for anyone who prefers their bagels on the softer, fluffier side. 

Photo by Sarah Alessandrini

Bruegger’s Bagels

Sandwiched (pun intended) between the university neighborhood and South Campus — around the corner from Westcott — the nearest Bruegger’s location lies on Nottingham Road. This bakery prides itself on baking real New York City-style bagels, so if that’s your preference, then Bruegger’s may be worth a stop.

These bagels are on the crispier end of the spectrum, with a nice buttery shine on the outside, but soft and fluffy on the inside. Bruegger’s offers a wide variety of fun bagel flavors, including blueberry and cinnamon sugar, as well as the classic plain and everything.

Cazenovia Bagel Co. (served at Recess Coffee)

Cazenovia Bagel Company is about a half hour drive away. But luckily for SU students, you can find them right around the corner at Recess Coffee in Westcott! Like Bruegger’s, these thick bagels make for a perfect sandwich, with a crispier, crunchy outside while staying soft and fluffy on the inside. 

DeWitt Bagel Co. 

Another shop that prides itself on “authentic NYC bagels,” DeWitt Bagel Company actually has its bagels shipped right from the city. With a buttery, golden brown outside, they add the perfect amount of flavor to any breakfast sandwich. And while this bakery clearly has a bias toward New York bagels, there is a little something for everyone — they serve a “Jersey Boy” sandwich!

Do any of these bagels meet your standards? Are they as good as New Jersey’s or New York City’s? We’ll let you decide!

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