The Truth About Kombucha…and What is Matcha?

Healthy food trends fade in and out of style faster than Instagram can keep up with. Think avocados, kale, smoothie bowls sprinkled with chia seeds, and pressed juices. They’ve all had their 15 minutes of fame with health food nuts fanatically pimping them out all over the Internet. Two newcomers have started making waves in this world of hip healthy foods: kombucha and matcha. Both … Continue reading The Truth About Kombucha…and What is Matcha?

4 Traditional Meals for Your St. Patrick’s Day Feast

Ah, yes. It’s St. Patrick’s Day again! A great day to dress up and have a good time for everyone—Irish, or not. In my family, wearing green, having a party, and eating corned beef is a given, but some might need a little more guidance. Luckily, (get it?) for those of you who are new to doing this holiday the right way, here are some … Continue reading 4 Traditional Meals for Your St. Patrick’s Day Feast

Coleman’s ‘Green Beer Day’ Parade

Take your chance with the “nectar of the gods,” this Sunday, February 22 at Coleman’s Green Beer Day! Since 1963, the authentic Irish pub in Tippery Hill has celebrated this holiday with a day of Irish festivities, which welcomes a month-long celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in Syracuse. At noon, The Onondaga Beverage Corporation will deliver a tanker truck full of green beer, which will be sold for $4 a pint. From … Continue reading Coleman’s ‘Green Beer Day’ Parade

5 Grab-And-Go-Quick Breakfast Recipes

Let’s talk about breakfast. It’s supposed to be the most important meal of the day, right? This thousand year old saying is absolutely true. According to the John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, a nutritious breakfast not only gives us energy to kick start our mornings, but also starts our day off on a healthy note, which influences a person’s health decisions all … Continue reading 5 Grab-And-Go-Quick Breakfast Recipes