Swifties, It is time to try the “Midnights” coffee flight!

Expand your coffee palate with “Midnights” inspired lattes!

By: Maddie Roberts

Popstar Taylor Swift wrote the lyrics “…coffee at midnight…” in her song, “You are In Love,” and now, the Flamingos Coffee Bar is taking that idea to the next level. Located in Hampton, New Hampshire, Flamingos Coffee Bar recently released a four-drink coffee flight inspired by the artist’s tenth studio album, “Midnights, which dropped in October of 2022. This coffee flight offers unique drinks inspired by different songs off the album: “Midnight Rain,” “Lavender Haze,” “Bejeweled,” and “Snow on the Beach.” These four lattes each have a special flavor and a stunning look, and, of course, topped off with lots of whipped cream. 

The “Midnight Rain” latte is a blueberry and white mocha drink, topped with toasted marshmallows. In the whipped cream, there are dark blue and purple swirls, exactly how we would imagine what midnight rain would look like in the sky.

Next is “Lavender Haze.” This drink is full of, you guessed it, lavender flavors. Flamingos Coffee Bar adds vanilla and chai to create depth. It comes with whipped cream, as well as blue and purple sprinkles. This is a perfect treat for any lavender lover! 

“Bejeweled” appears to be the most fun drink of them all! It is a red velvet and white mocha latte. It has a dark red hue, topped with the classic whipped cream and sprinkles. This latte also comes with a little, sparkly star on top – a super cute and fun twist. 

Last but not least, “Snow on the Beach.” This latte combines coconut and cinnamon to complement the strong coffee flavor. On top sit shiny, gold sprinkles and coconut flakes to resemble snowflakes! 

All of these lattes can be customized to fit one’s preferences. They can be iced or hot and made dairy-free (in all of their sizes). Taylor Swift music fills Flamingos Coffee Bar while the themed drinks are prepared – the perfect celebration of “Midnights.

If you find yourself in the coastal town of Hampton, New Hampshire, make sure Flamingos Coffee Bar is one of your stops! Even if theMidnights flight is not for you, try out their other seasonal flavors. Flamingos is the perfect stop for any Taylor Swift lover and any adventurous coffee drinker! 

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